Our list of resources is constantly growing and evolving, but here are a few pages to help you get started:

We do not sponsor any particular group or podcast but encourage others to explore them and see if one of them may be beneficial to them.


Beyond Surviving with Rachel Grant: the safe space for survivors of childhood sexual abuse to receive support, resources, and share their stories.

Therapy Chat with Laura Regan: Laura Regan is a LCSW-C based out of Maryland and specializes in trauma.

The Mental Illness Happy Hour: Weekly online podcast that interviews comedians, artists, friends, and the occasional doctor. Each episode explores mental illness, trauma, addiction and negative thinking.

Public Facebook Groups:

Ask A Sex Abuse Survivor

Talking Trees: Adult Survivors of CSA

Overcoming Sexual Abuse

Talk to a Survivor

Unspeakable Things Finally Spoken

Women with PTSD

Healing from Complex Trauma & PTSD/C-PTSD

If you know of a resource that’s beneficial (book, app, podcast, Facebook group, etc), email us and let us know about it!

Dinah’s Voice also operates a secret, closed Facebook group for survivors of sexual, spiritual, emotional, and physical abuse, maintaining it as a safe space for survivors to connect with other survivors and have their privacy respected.  Please contact Adele (adele@dinahsvoice.org) if you’re interested in joining.

Public Reddit Groups:

Abuse, Interrupted

Raised by Narcissists

Raised by Borderlines

Rape Counseling

PTSD Community

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